Addiction. Gambling, Initiation, Maintenance and relapse

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Learning explanation of gambling initiation
Griffiths. slot machines have psychological, social and financial rewards which reinforce behaviour
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Delfabbro and Winfield.
Leads to forgetting failure, even though not logical
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Learning explination of gambling maintinence
Intermittent reinforcement. Despite long periods of loosing, occasional payout maintains behaviour.
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Lamboos et al
Family/Peers of gamblers more likely to approve
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Nower et al
Those with family as reinforcers easier to treat than those who use it to alleviate low moods
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Social Learning explanation of gambling relapse
Conditioned Cues are stimuli for gambling which increases arousal. Approach avoidence conflict-fluctuates between wanting reward, avoiding failure
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Blaszcynski et al
Pathological gamblers scored higher bordem proneness.
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Evaluation of Learning theory
Oporant conditioning. Con't be applied to some forms of gambling which relies on skill
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Individual differences
Not everyone is addicted
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Occasional reinforcement
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Biological approach to gambling initiation
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Thorgeirsson et al
Gamblers were more likely to suffer pathological gambling if relatives were
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Biological gambling maintinecne
Pituitary Adrenal Glands. Gambling=underactive response
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Paris et al
Recreational gamblers have more cortisol in saliva watching polka than path. who had worse responses=sensation seeking
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biological gambling relapse
Boredom avoidence seek arousal
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Pathological gamblers scored higher boredom proneness
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Evaluation of biological approach
Doesn't explain initiation but does explain individual differences
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Doesnt explain differences in addiction and TYPE of gambling
Breen and Zuimmerman. Video gamblin 1 yr horse gambling 3 yrs
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BUT treatment implications
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Cognitive approach of gambling initiation
Genetic vulnerability is cause
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5000 MZ DZ twins same concordance rate
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Delfabbro and Winfield.


Leads to forgetting failure, even though not logical

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Learning explination of gambling maintinence


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Lamboos et al


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Nower et al


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