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2. What is the difference between Kohlberg's theory and Martin and Halverson's theory?

  • The ages in which the processes take place
  • The amount of stages in the process
  • Gender differences in the process

3. Who found that under the age of 4 children show no signs of gender constancy, but have strong gender stereotypes?

  • Martin & Little (1990)
  • Lyotard et al (1998)
  • Wilks and James (2003)

4. Why would contradiciting schema i.e. female mechanic, not be noticed by young children

  • Gender schema's are rigid and will only pay attention to things that are consistent
  • Gender schemas are only based on observation of peers don't understand that level of information yet
  • Children only use gender schemas to deal with certain situations

5. Campbell and Poulin Dubois et al's studies both support eachother, why?

  • Children pay attention to same sex stereotyping much earlier
  • Children don't see gender until 5
  • Gender effects how the child processes the Gender schema


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