AQA A2 r.e topic 2 definitions of god/u.r - eternal and omnipotence

Focused on philosophical ideas about the eternal and omnipotence of God/U.R

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1. Simplicity of God means that...

  • God is complete, not made up of different parts
  • God is finite
  • God is not intresting
  • God is spelt easily
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2. What is the most accurate way of defining "eternal" in reference to God/U.R?

  • duration without limits
  • forever
  • infinite duration
  • everlasting
  • finite duration

3. What is the main problem with using "eternal"?

  • There is no God
  • God is beyond space and time
  • God is meant to still be around
  • God is not everlasting

4. Give an accurate example of God acting in a finite way

  • God not doing anything
  • Communications with Jesus
  • God never showing himself

5. Give an example of God acting in an infinite way

  • Covenant of circumsison
  • Isaiah's understanding
  • Noah's Ark
  • Concerns with Israel


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