AQA AS Psychology Unit 2 (conformity)

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1. In time affecting conformity, which pair criticise Asch?

  • Zimbardo & Clarke
  • Perrin & Spencer
  • Smith & Bond
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2. Why do people yield to minority influence?

  • Group Identification, Snowball Effect, Social Influence, Social Impact
  • Individual Identification, Social Influence
  • Social Impact, Snowball theory

3. Was Smith and Bonds experiment into culture for Factors affecting conformity a Meta-analysis?

  • Yes
  • No

4. In Zimbardos study, how many days did it take for Prisoners to rebel?

  • One week
  • One day
  • 3 Days

5. What is Normative Influence?

  • People changing their mind to fit with the Majority
  • People changing their mind to fit the Minority
  • People being Independent


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