AQA Chemistry Unit 2

A quiz to help with revision for unit 2 AQA seperate sciences Chemistry. Th CGP GCSE Chemistry AQA revision guide was used to find the answers for all these questions. 

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1. What four things does rate of reaction depend on?

  • Temperature, Concentration (or pressure), Catalyst and Surface area of solids.
  • Temperature, what the reactants are, Catalyst and Concentration (or pressure)
  • What the products are, what the reactants are, Temperature and Catalyst
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2. What is an alkali?

  • A base that cannot dissolve in water
  • A base that can dissolve in water
  • An acid that can dissolve in water

3. How can Ionic compounds conduct electricity?

  • They can never conduct electricity
  • They are dissolved in water or are melted
  • They can conduct electricity all the time

4. What happens in Ionic bonding?

  • Atoms only lose electrons
  • Atoms gain or lose an electron or electrons
  • Atoms share electrons

5. Which of these is NOT an exothermic reaction?

  • Thermal decomposition
  • Combustion
  • Neutralisation reactions




Good quiz

evelyn bury


Really usefull :)



Sorry,but i think question 9 is wrong because the correct answer is marked as ionic but intermolecular forces only apply to covalent bonds.

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