AQA GCSE Physics Unit 3

heyy think this covers most of P3 except stars and space as i didn't really know how to word the questions...

good luck, hope it helps! :)

let me know if you have any suggestions or ive made any mistakes... :)

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1. where can the centre of mass of an object be found?

  • at the point of suspension
  • below the point of suspension
  • above the point of suspension
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2. true or false: this formula is correct for moment: moment= force x perpendicular distance (between line of action and pivot)

  • True
  • False

3. for an object to balance what must happen?

  • the anticlockwise movements = the clockwise movements
  • the up force = the down force
  • the speed must be constant

4. what happens to gravity as you move further away from a planet/star?

  • it decreases
  • it increases
  • it stays the same

5. which type of satellite is used for communications?

  • geostationary
  • low polar orbit




Alot of questions.

Good gradual increase in level and comprehension skill boundary as we descend.

Rated 5*

Good Job!



thanks :)



this was really helpful! thank youu! :)



Really good :)

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