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2. Convex lens refract the light to ....

  • Become parallel
  • Converge to a point
  • Diverge away from a point

3. What makes a lens flatter and thinner?

  • Lower refractive index
  • Higher refractice index
  • More of a curve on the lens

4. Magnification =

  • Object height / Image height
  • Image height / Object height
  • Object height x Image height

5. What is the cornea?

  • the light sensitive cells around the inside of the cells
  • A transparent layer that protects the eye and helps to focus light onto the retina
  • Changes shape to focus light onto the retina


Miss KHP


This is for students studying GCSE Physics (4603)

This specification is for centres outside England and can be sat in modules.

Take a quiz and test yourself. You may like to do it a few times until practice makes perfect.



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