Ara Pacis

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When was the Ara Pacis consecrated, and when was it dedicated?
Consecrated 13BC, dedicated 9BC
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What was it dedicated too?
Pax, the Roman goddess of peace
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Whats on the north and south friezes?
Upper register depicts procession of the imperial family
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What are its uses?
Serves as a civic ritual function as well as operating as propaganda for Augustus and his regime - eases notions of dynastic succession into an imperial Rome
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Lower register of inner walls
Meant to imitate appearance of traditionally wooden altar precincts, bringing to mind other altars in Rome, and therefore the traditional and republican
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Upper register of inner walls
Carved with ox skulls from which carved fruit garlands hang - a reference to plenty and abundance, as well as traditional religion, i.e the sacrificing of ox's
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Outside East wall
East - doorway interrupts seated figures of Roma on a pile of weapons (forcing the enemy to admit defeat) and Pax, depicting the Pax Augusta
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Outside West wall
West - doorway interrupts carving possibly depicting the discovery of Romulus and Remus with the she-wolf and the sacrifice of a figure traditionally identified as Aeneas, but increasingly believed to be Rome's second king, Numa Pompilius
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Overall message
political symbolism and emphasis on the dynatic policy (forms of imperial propaganda). It also embodies the deep rooted ideological connections of military force and feritility
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Res gestae
"When I returned..the Senate voted in honour...the consecration of an altar to Pax Augusta
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Lower registers of the walls
compared of scenes of nature and Rome's fertility: harmonic, intertwined vines that contain wildlife and connote nature under control - the abundance of nature during the Pax Augusta
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What was it dedicated too?


Pax, the Roman goddess of peace

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Whats on the north and south friezes?


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What are its uses?


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Lower register of inner walls


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