As Unit 2 Unit 2 Module Food and health

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1. What happens when a phagocyte attaches itself to the pathogen?

  • Splits the pathogen into two
  • Envelop the pathogen by folding its membrane inwards
  • Eats the pathogen
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2. In an antibody what does the hinge region allow?

  • Allow a certain degree of flexibility
  • The disulfide bridges to move
  • Attack phagocytic cells

3. What term is used when pathogens are stuck together and they cannot enter host cells ?

  • Agglutination
  • Specificity
  • Immune response

4. What is the primary immune response ?

  • Production of antibodies
  • When antibodies in the blood rises to a level that can combat an infection
  • When antibodies do not stay in the blood

5. What do macrophages stimulate?

  • Immune response
  • Primary defence
  • Secondary defence


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