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what was an early form of LNA peaceful protest?
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and found possible to have impact even without?
parlaimentary rep
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way of achieving was to single out?
parliamentary candidates
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usually which party?
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and do what unless they supported act repeal?
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little ***** candidacy of who for where?
henry storks for newark
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what had he been governor or?
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and enforced what rigorously in mediterranean?
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what did repeal campaigners do?
ruthlessly target him for malta behaviour
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placing so much pressure on him that what happened?
withdrew on day of election
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who then was elected?
new liberal candidate that opposed the acts
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what did this show?
extent lna support
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storks stood again where and when?
1870 in colchester
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what did protesters do
enter own pro-repeal candidate
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what did that then do?
split liberal vote
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and handed victory to?
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in 1872 who sought re-election in pontefract?
hce childers
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who was that?
first lord of the admirality
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why did protesters target his campaign?
admirality has massively supported cda
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what were campaigners met with at organised demonstration?
local hostility and violence
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he was a popular guy
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what happened in election?
childers returned to parliament w/ v low majority
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who got credit for support drop?
anti-cda protesters
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why was this a powerful way for LNA to campaign?
manipulated public sympathy
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but influence was?
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problem was protesters were almost entirely dependent on who?
liberal cdidates
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and unable to exert influence over?
conservative MPs
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position made clear when who wom 1874 election?
disraeli's conservatives
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who did the LNA lose?
sympathetic liberal MPs
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while popular protest influencing libs could be sensational what did it risk?
weakening liberal party
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and allowing?
cons 2 increase power
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what was the most dramatic case of this?
miss percy
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who was mistaken 4 a prostitute where?
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what did she do while police were investigating behavioiur?
drown herself
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what did butler privately appreciate about this?
publicity value of a martyr
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what happened with elizabeth holt in 1870?
claimed to be wrongly held in maidstone jail
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and cardine whybrow of chatham?
claimed to be living at home with mother early every night
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what was elizabeth holt found to have done?
received treatment from lock hospital 5 times prior
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may 1870
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and where had cardine whybrow actually been living?
brothel attic
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nevertheless these cases fuelled which public fear?
that cda rsked dignity of innocent women
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what group of women was the LNA unable to mobilise against the acts?
the working-class
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by 1882 apparent LNA unable to sway public opinion where?
in subjected ports and towns
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however who eventually objected anyways?
local authorities
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in plymouth and southampton in the early 1870s what did campaigners successfully do?>
persuade prostitutes to resist acts legal requirements
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in plymouth through 1870 what agitated prostitutes and brothel-keepers?
public meeings and pamphleteering
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to such extent they refused to do what?
co-operate with police and doctors
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what happened in the 'siege of devonport'?
campaigners worked with prostitutes to refuse medical exams
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women that refused examination were sent?
to court
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campaigners provided what through the trials?
legal and financial support
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several women able to argue what?
no longer prostitutes so should avoid exams
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by 1871 what had happened?
run out of steam and also bare spenny
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and prostitutes were compliant again by?
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and found possible to have impact even without?


parlaimentary rep

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way of achieving was to single out?


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usually which party?


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and do what unless they supported act repeal?


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