B ; mass protest ; indiv. imp. ; thomas paine

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why did he welcome the 1789 french rev?
hoped it'd lead to democratic gov 4 france
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whose ideas did he strongly oppose?
edmund burke
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who published his conservative ideas in?
reflections on the revolution in france
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published in?
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and published a reply in 1791-2 called?
the rights of man
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why was paine's work in response to burke's so significant among all other debate?
his writing was accessible unlike others and catered to all
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in part one of rights of man which of burke's claims did paine tear down?
that civil and political rights were created by goverment
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instead arguing?
gov rights could be removed mocking idea of fundamental rights
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and instead he declared?
all men born equal and must be bestowed same human and political rights
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so basicall in normal terms?
**** u burke the gov don't decide the rules by my class tabula rasa u *****
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what systems of government did he believe were contrary to man's rights?
any based on hereditary rule e.g monarch and HoL
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for paine what did gov depend on?
consent of all men equally > divine right
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what did he also propose in his writing?
wholesale reform of british system of government
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with establishment of republich in which?
all males get vote
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and therefore whose interests would the government be carrying out?
all > priveliged elite (BUT NO WOMEN U LOSER!)
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in part two what comprehensive plan did paine lay out?
plan for practical application of ideas to british gov / soc
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among his proposals were the creation of what?
national assembly
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a reduction of whose taxed?
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and a progressive tax levied on?
all land
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in many ways these ideas more rev. than overseas
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did the government take action against paine on part one?
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part two?
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in 3yrs after publication how many copies did the rights of man sell?
200,000 (lots)
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why were ministers concerned with part two?
had wide reach and bad message
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in 1792 a royal proclamation issued against?
seditious writings
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and many saw this directly aimed at?
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who did what?
fled to france
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whose ideas did he strongly oppose?


edmund burke

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who published his conservative ideas in?


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published in?


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and published a reply in 1791-2 called?


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