Biology B 1.1 Keeping Healthy - keywords

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1. Which of the following are both inherited factors?

  • Metabolic rate and cholesterol levels.
  • Metabolic rate and muscle growth rate.
  • Cholesterol levels and muscle growth rate.
  • Muscle growth rate and will to exercise
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2. What is an umbrella term for organisms causing diseases?

  • pathogens
  • microorganisms
  • bacteria
  • viruses

3. What is meant by the term metabolic rate?

  • Rate of chemical reactions within the cells of a human body.
  • Average time for food to be consumed in your mouth.
  • Rate of production of feces.
  • Amount of food your body can intake within a short time.

4. What is the purpose of cholesterol in your body?

  • To increase maximal number of fat particles in your body.
  • To produce hormones by your cell membranes.
  • To improve the rate of processing fats in your body.
  • To help with reactions in your body cells.

5. Which one of the following is NOT a scientific explanation for loosing weight by exercise?

  • Your heart gets more used to exercise.
  • Your body uses more energy thus, more energy is burned.
  • Your body needs to create more muscle tissue, thus you can increase your metabolic rate.
  • Your cholesterol levels are lowered.


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