Biology- homeostasis

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What is homeostasis?
Maintenance of constant internal body conditions.
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What are hormones?
A chemical produced in glands- carry messages + coordinates different responses.
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What does homeostasis control?
Body temp, water content of body, ion content, blood glucose levels.
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What is the kidney?
Filters blood, removes urea, excess salts + water
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What does the ADH hormone do?
Causes kidneys to reabsorb water (concentrated urine)- this is if water content of blood is too low.
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What is a negative feedback system?
Keeping the water balance in blood- as water level in blood rises, it results in less ADH produced.
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What is kidney dialysis?
Filtering blood artificially, urea passed though dialysis fluid. Makes sure glucose + ions not lost.
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What does thermoregulatory mean?
Brain controls/ monitors body temp.
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How hot internal body temp?
Kept constant: 36- 38 c
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What is vasoconstriction?
CONSERVE heat. Blood vessels to the skin constrict= less blood flows through. Less energy radiated.
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What does decreased sweating do?
CONSERVE heat. Less evaporation of sweat= decrease heat loss.
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What does shivering do?
CONSERVE heat. Muscles contact-> more respiration-> release heat energy.
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What is vasodilation?
LOOSE heat. Blood vessels to skin dilate= more blood flow= more heat loss through skin.
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What does increased sweating do?
LOOSE heat. Evaporation of sweat allows increased heat loss.
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What are insulin and glucagon examples of?
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Type 1 diabetes...
Pancreas not produce enough insulin. Genetics. Transplant/ inject insulin.
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Type 2 diabetes...
Body cells unresponsive to insulin. Age, obesity. Loose weight, exersize.
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What are hormones?


A chemical produced in glands- carry messages + coordinates different responses.

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What does homeostasis control?


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What is the kidney?


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What does the ADH hormone do?


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