Britain 1945-90

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What were the 'Five Evils' that the Beveridge Report wished to rid Britain of?
Want, Disease, Ignorance, Idleness and Squalor
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How did Bevan get the doctors to agree to be part of the NHS?
By 'stuffing their mouths with gold'
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Who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer during 1945-51 and what was he in charge of?
Stafford Cripps- Telling Britain that rationing would continue and tight economic controls were to be put in place.
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How does Keynesism work?
Government raise capital to reinvest into the economy, artificial economy boost increases jobs and earnings and these can then be spent on goods
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What was Marshall Aid?
USA provided dollars to countries who would grant them trading concessions to make Europe stable and protect them against the USSR during the Cold War
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How many new homes did Attlee's government build when they left office in 1951?
1 million
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What were Macmillan's economic concerns?
'Stop-go' and Stagflation that led Britain to appear to be without genuine economic strategy
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What was the problem with the Rent Act of 1957?
The Act meant that there was no rent controls and so tenants now had to suffer high and out of control rent prices.
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What did moralists dislike about the 'property-owning democracy'?
They said it was based on heavy borrowing which created huge debts which were socially and economically dangerous
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Between 1950 and 1963 how many New Commonwealth citizens had arrived?
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What were the reasons for the social disorders among youths?
Growing affluence of young people, alienation of the pocket of poverty, first generation who had not live through a war, psychological theories encouraged the acting out of emotions, scandals in government and satire was increasingly popular
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What was the main reason given by De Gaulle for vetoing the British application to the EEC?
Britain were fearful of being left behind and so this was viewed as the British using the EEC for their own gains
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What was the Vassal affair?
In 1963 a Conservative Party member, Vassal was caught spying for the Soviet Union
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What did Macmillan's resignation expose?
The way in which the Conservatives chose a new leader made them look even more outdated and so it was replaced with a more open and democratic system of choosing a leader.
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Why did Wilson's application to join the EEC also get rejected?
It came when the pound was being devalued and the British were once again seen to be using the EEC for their own gains
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What was the Theatre Act 1968?
Removed much of the censorship that had been controlling the contents of plays in Britain
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What was the Industrial Relations Act of 1971?
Extension of 'In Place of Strife' and it restricted workers to strike and introduce the National Industrial Relation court which could judge strike as illegal.
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What mistake did Heath make in relation to the application to the EEC in 1973?
He was willing to agree to any promises as he felt he would be unable to sort them out when Britain was a full member, but this was not the case.
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Who did Denis Healey anger when he began to neogotiate a £3 billion loan with the IMF in September 1976?
The left side of the party and this consequently saw a split appear within the Party
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What were the three reasons thought to be why Wilson retired in 1976?
The strain of office and leadership had tired him out OR he wanted to leave the country before the economy worsened OR the Soviet Union were blackmailing Wilson about an affair
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What was the amount of islanders on the Falklands that wanted to remain British?
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What did the two Employment Acts passed by Tebbit state?
Forbade mass picketing, outlawed all workers having to belong to a union and declared unballoted strike action illegal
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What was 'supply-side' economics?
Reduction of taxes to give workers incentive, encouraging competition in the economy, limiting power of trade unions and cutting wasteful welfare payments
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What was the nickname given for the 1983 Labour manifesto?
The longest suicide note in history
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How did Bevan get the doctors to agree to be part of the NHS?


By 'stuffing their mouths with gold'

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Who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer during 1945-51 and what was he in charge of?


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How does Keynesism work?


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