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Highest fridge temperature
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Symptons of food poisoning
Nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain and diarrhoea
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Hazard analysis and critical control point
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Bacteria which cause food poisoning
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Binary fission
One bacteria spilts into 2 every 10-20mins
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High risk foods
Foods bacteria multiply on easily (moist and rich in protein
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Colour coded chopping boards
Red- raw meat Blue- raw fish Yellow- cooked meat Green- salad & fruit Brown- vegetables White- bread
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High risk groups
Most likely to suffer from food poisoning e.g. young, old, pregnant, already sick
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Length of time food can be left to cool down before placing in the fridge
1.5 hours
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Health and safety at work act
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Rats, mice, ants, flies, cockroaches, birds
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Minimun temp for hot holding
63'c or above
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Physical contamination
Nail, hair, screw & fly
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Trading standards officer
Check weights, Check menus are accurate (e.g. frozen food can not ba called fresh), Check customers are aware of cost
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Operating temp of a freezer
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Risk assessment
Identifies all accidents that could occur, who could be harmed and how the accident could be prevented
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Operating temp of a fridge
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Anything which can harm e.g. glass, bleach salmonella
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Spoilage baccteria
Make food go off, spoil apperarance, taste and smell e.g. sour milk
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Dnger zone- temp at which bacteria can multiply
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A chemical used to reduce bacteria to a safe level
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Cross contamination
Bacteria is crossed from one source to another e.g. chopping raw meat and then cooked meat with same knife
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Chemical contamination
Bleach, antibacterial, spray, pesticide
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Smaller than bacteria, can be spread in water or air, only a small number needed to make someone ill
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Purpose of HASAWA
To ensure employees are provided with appropriate safety equipment, clothing, training and a safe workplace
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6 cleaning procedures
Preclan to remove food, Main clean wwith detergent, Rinse, Disinfection, Rinse of disinfectant & Drying
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Common accidents
Slips, trips and falls, back problems from lifting, cuts, burns or scalds
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Bacteria contamination
Salmonella, E coil
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Core temp for cooking food
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Points to include on an accident repot form
Date and time, name of injured person, where, witnesses, cause of accident, part of body injured & first aid carried out
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A chemical used for cleaning; to remove food, dirt or grease
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Environmental health officer
Check any food premises, check hygine of staff, check cleanliness of premises, check safe storage7temp, issue improvement notices, can close a premises down
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Symptons of food poisoning


Nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain and diarrhoea

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Binary fission


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