Chemistry - C2 - complete quiz

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1. In the modern periodic table there are about 100 hundred known elements and it shows the elements in order of atomic number

  • True
  • False there are 110 elements exactly in the periodic table and the atomic umber decreases
  • There are 145 elements in the periodic and the atomic number increases.
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2. What is an element made up of?

  • An element is made up of just one type of atom
  • Protons, nucleus, neutrons and electrons.
  • nucleus and cytoplasm

3. Name a popular set of isotopes

  • potassium permanganate 6 potassium permanganate 8
  • carbon 12 and Carbon 14
  • nitrogen 2 and nitrogen 3

4. Define relative abundance

  • A type of element measured using mm or ml
  • Relative abundance just means how much there is of each isotope compared to the total amount of the element in the world.
  • The relative atomic mass plus the mass number

5. TRUE/ FALSE/partially - Before mendeleev's discovery scientists had no idea about the structure of atoms, but they could measure the relative atomic mass of each element.

  • was false but then it became true
  • not sure
  • True
  • False


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