Citizenship Theme D Keywords

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What does Turnout mean?
The percentage of people voting in an election.
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What does advocacy mean?
Publically supporting an issue/proposal
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Who is someone who works for free for a community?
A volunteer
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What is Digital Democracy?
The use of online methods to support online campaigns and voting.
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What is a dictator?
A national leader who makes all the decisions for a country with no reference to the population
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What is an organisation set up to provide help and raise money for people in need?
A charity
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What is a voluntary organisation?
Bodies whose activities are carried out for reasons other than profit, but don't get public or local authority funding.
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What is a public service?
A public service is a service given by the state. For example, education and refuse collection.
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What are organisations provided by the government? For example, schools and hospitals.
Public Institutions
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What is an employment tribunal?
An employment tribunal is a type of court only dealing with disagreements over employment laws.
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What is ACAS
ACAS is an organisation that tries to resolve disputes between employers and employees.
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What does advocacy mean?


Publically supporting an issue/proposal

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Who is someone who works for free for a community?


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What is Digital Democracy?


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What is a dictator?


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