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2. what was the crucial part of the procedure in the study above

  • compared the no of rehospitalisation and length of stay with gender
  • rediagnosing 90 patients
  • asking a question about their age

3. which is an example of primary data

  • info from a study done by a previous researcher
  • info gathered from a questionnaire
  • info from hospital records

4. why do clinicians look at twin studies when researching sz

  • to see whether it can be passed through families
  • to see if when one has it the other has it
  • to see if they can pass it on to each other
  • to see the twins can solve the problem of schizophrenia

5. Who used interviews to look at sz

  • Brown et al
  • Goldstein
  • Gottesman and Shields
  • Kim Cohen et al


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