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example of president resigning
obama was a senator and he had to resign in 2008 when he became president
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when is the state of union address?
january of each year
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what is it?
presidents use this speech, delivered to a joint session in the House of rep and Senate
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what is it an opportunity for?
for president to lay out his legislative agenda
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bush used state of union address in 2002 to get congress to focus on the 'war on terrorism'
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how often did bush use his regular veto?
11 occasions including the veto of the state childrens health programme 2007
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president power of pardon over judiciary
in 1974, president ford pardoned his predecessor - nixon- for any crimes nixon committed during watergate
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clintons pardons
pardoned 140 people, including mark rich, a notorious tax fugitive
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example of congress blocking presidents legislation
1993-4 clinton found his flagship health care reforms blocked
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another example
1999 congress rejected clintons request for a minimum wage
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example of congress override presidents veto
during bushs two terms, congress override four of his 11 vetoes including water resources devel bill
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example of power of the purse
2007, democrat-controlled congress attempted to limit bushs spending on mil operations in iraq
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when did congress approve war?
2002, bush gained specific authorisation from congress to use military force in iraq
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senate rejecting treaties
1999, senate rejected the Comprehensive Test Ban treaty by 48 votes to 51
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senate rejecting court nominee
1987, rejected Raegen's Robert Bork
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rejecting ambsaddor nominee
1997, william weld as ambassadfor to mexico
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congress investigating
bushs handling of national security issues of 9/11 investigated
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presidents impeached by congress
andrew johnson 1868 and clinton 1998
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how does the process of impeachment work?
house impeaches, senate then conducts the trial
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president johnson
escaped conviction by the senate by just one vote
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between 1986-89, how many judges did congress remove?
harry claiborne for tax evasion and alcee hastings for purjery
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congress proposing amendment to overturn a court decision
1896, court declared federal income tax unconstitutional, congress proposed 16th amendment
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what was 16th amendment
congress granted power to levy income tax, ratified and operative in 1913
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example of importance of bipartisanship
clinton failed to get healthcare reform passed by congress 1993-34 as he adopted partisan approach
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1969-2000 has seen what?
22 years years of divided government, it is norm
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when were both houses controlled?
bush controlled both houses in 2003-06
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example of lack of scrutiny without divided gov
not since 1935 has the senate rejected a treaty of a president from its own party
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example of inefficient divided gov
obamacare gridlock, rejection of Bork and Thomas by democrat-controlled senate
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checks and balances that are problematic in modern times
congress's power 2 declare war, modern presidents managed to conduct wards over korea&vietnam without congressional decleration
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example one of federalism
written into enumerated powers of the 3 branches-congress 'coin money', pres 'commanderinchief'
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example 2
included in the implied powers of federal gov e.g the 'elastic clause'
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example 3
federal gov and states given certain concurrent powers e.g power to tax
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example 4
10th amendment reserved all remaining powers to the 'state and the people'
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example 5
supreme court was to be the umpire of all disagreements between federal and state
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16th amendment
1913. allowed the federal gov to impose an income tax
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what 3 executive dpts were there under washington?
dpt of treasury, war and state
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little known presidents
james polk and chester arthur
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what is 'layer cake federalism'
federal and state gov have distinct areas of responsibility
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when was education dpt created?
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what are catagorical grants?
schemes by which federal gov could stipulate how federal tax dollars were used by the states
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how much was clinton giving to the states?
$200 billion, 90% form of catogorical grants
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what are block grants?
money given to the states by the federal gov to be used at their discretion within broad policy areas
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who were the four republican presidents of 20th century
nixon, ford, raegen and bush
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what did clinton state in 1996?
'the era of big government is over'
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what was bush's relation to federal gov
since Lyndon, he presided over the largest overall increase in inflation-adjusted federal gov spending
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how much did gov spending grow under bush?
33% in first term 2001-05
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what department did bush create?
the department of homeland security
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what were the reasons for the expansion of fed gov?
war in iraq, homeland security, expansions of medicare and education programmes, wall street collapse 2008
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how much did spending in the dpt of defence increase by 2001-09?
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what were the reasons for this increase?
as a result of 9/11 & the subsequent military operations in Afghan and 'war on terror'
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what was ironic about bush's presidency?
he signed medicare into law, which was originally proposed by democrat lydon johnson
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what happened?
25 republicans voted 'no' on its final passage in the House
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what did bush do to education in Jan 2002?
'no child left behind act', ushered in sweeping changes in fed education policy sinze 1960s
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what did this include?
20% increase in funding for the poorest, inner city schools
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what did they label bushs attitude to federal gov?
'big government conservatism'
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what dented the standing of federal gov?
response to hurricane katrina, brown was a detached politicans who made decisions yet he hadnt visited
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how did bush react to the 2008 wall street disaster?
sponsored a $700 'bail-out' package to alleviate the effects of the credit crunch
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which state allows doctor assisted suicide?
oregon yet california doesnt
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who has experimented with online voting?
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who is more conservative than Massachusetts democrats?
Texas Democrats
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who is more liberal than south carolina republicans
vermont republicans
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who is income tax levied by?
federal and some state gov, sales taxes vary between cities
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where is liberal?
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where is conservative?
deep south
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who decides the number of electoral college votes?
2 senators+no.representatives
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electoral college bias
if candidate wins just 7 states -NY,Cali,Texas,Pennsyl,Illiniois,Florida and Ohio-already has 210/270
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most states have capital punishment but how many dont?
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differences in alcohol laws
utah is almost a 'dry' state with alochol only avaliable in private clubs and on a limited basis
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