Core Studies - Aims

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Aimed to investigate the process of obedience even to unjust authority
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Bocchario et al
To investigate why people will disobey and who are the people who will disobey or even blow the whistle
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Levine et al
To identify country-level variables that might relate to differences in helping
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Piliavin et al
To investigate the effect of several different variables on who responded to help, the speed of responding to help and likelihood of responding
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Bandura et al
To investigate if children observing aggressive acts committed by adults in one setting would reproduce those acts in another setting when an adult role model was absent
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To show the use of the funhaler can provide positive reinforcement which leads to improved adherence rats in young asthmatics
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To see if there was evidence to support his stages of moral development
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Lee et al
To test the effect of culture on children's moral evaluations of lying and truth telling by comparing the moral judgements of Canadian and Chinese children
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To test adults with HFA to see if they lack theory of mind
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To find support for his psycho-sexual stages of development
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To investigate whether the language of psychopaths reflected a predatory world view, unique socio-emotional needs and a poverty of affect
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To examine the early history of intelligence
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Grant et al
To show environmental context enhances test performance when tested in the same conditions that the information was originally studied in
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Loftus and Palmer
To investigate how information provided after an event had occurred influenced the memory of a witness for that event
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The first experiment aimed to test Cherry's findings (about divided attention) whilst experiment 2/3 aimed to investigate the other factors that can affect attention in dichotic listening
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Simons and Chabris
To build in previous research into divided visual attention and to investigate inattentional blindness for complex objects and events in dynamic scenes
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To investigate the effects of hemisphere deconnection
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Casey et al
To build on the findings of the marshmallow test. To see if the delay of gratification in childhood predicts impulse control abilities in adulthood
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Blakemore and Cooper
To investigate physiological and behavioural effects of a limited visual experience and whether brain plasticity occurs due to experiences rather than nature
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To examine whether structural changes could be detected in the brains of people with extensive experience of spatial navigation
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Bocchario et al


To investigate why people will disobey and who are the people who will disobey or even blow the whistle

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Levine et al


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Piliavin et al


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Bandura et al


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