Crime and Deviance Key words and Theories

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What does anomie mean?
This is Durkheim's term for total chaos
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What is civil disobediance?
This is protest action that breaks the law
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What is critical criminology?
This is a theory of crime and deviance that challenges the tradtional theories of crime. It argues that crime is the result of inequality in society. Crime is committed to provoke social change
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What is critical victimonology?
This is the theory that groups who are opressed (like women) are more likely to be victims of crime
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What is cyber crime?
This is crime carried out on the internet
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What does deviance amplification mean?
This is when the levels of deviance are exaggerated or over reported by the media and authoirities respond with social control. This provokes further deviance which authorities respond to with more intense social control and the cycle continues
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What is a deviant career?
This is when a person is labelled as deviant and they resort to more deviant behaviour to escape the feeling of rejection which reinforces the label which makes it harder to escape their deviance
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What is meant by a folk devil?
This is a scrape goat for everything that is going wrong in society
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What is meant by moral panic?
This is the fear of moral crisis in society. They are often linked to folk devils and the media has a big role in starting moral panics
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What is positivist victomology?
This is the theory that a persons actions or characteristics may make them more likely to become victims of crime
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What is rational choice theory?
This is a theory that argues criminals wont try and commit crime whem there's a high chance of them being caught
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What is repeat victimisation?
This is when someone becomes a victim of the same type of crime on more than one occasion
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What is right realism?
This is a view of crime and deviance that says biology, a lack of socialisation and rational choice can cause crime
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What is meant by strain theory?
This suggests that a person becomes deviant because they cant reach the cultural goals of society
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What is meant by transcarceration?
This is when a vulnerable person is moved between several institiutions
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What is transnational crime?
Crime that is committed by criminal organisations across the world
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What does a victim survey do?
This asks the respondants if they've been victims of crime
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What is civil disobediance?


This is protest action that breaks the law

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What is critical criminology?


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What is critical victimonology?


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What is cyber crime?


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