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what is decay?
process in which everything dies and the materials of the plants and animals are recycled and returned back into the environment
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what are the conditions of decay?
warmth, oxygen and moisture
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what causes decay?
bacteria and fungi
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why is decay important?
they are used in sewage to break down the waste material, so its safe to be released back into rivers and the sea. this also requires a good supply of oxygen.
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what is the decay process?
decomposers feed off waste and decay products. They digest everything and use nutrient to grow and reproduce. The waste product of decomposers are CO2, H2O and minerals
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what is decomposers?
a group of micro organisms, which include bacteria and fungi, they feed on waste droppings and dead organisms
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why do compost boxes have holes in them?
to let oxygen in
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why is compost added to soil?
it contains nutrients
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what are detritus feeders?
maggots and worms
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what is the main process that removes carbon dioxide from the air?
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what process returns carbon dioxide back into the air?
burning fossil fuels, respiration and decay
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what is the carbon cycle?
constant cycling of carbon between the air and living organisms. carbon is removed from the environment by green plants. carbon is put back into the environment when fossil fuels are burnt,decay and respiration
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what are some ways of preventing decay?
smoking/drying-takes all the moisture away adding salt or sugar-it preserves the food vacuum wrapping-it takes away the oxygen away from the food
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what are the conditions of decay?


warmth, oxygen and moisture

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what causes decay?


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why is decay important?


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what is the decay process?


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