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2. Define Diffusion

  • Diffusion is when particles disperse
  • Diffusion is the spreading out of particles from an area of high concentration to one of low concentration
  • Diffusion is when particles disperse from an area of low concentration to one of high concentration

3. The bigger the difference in concentration

  • The faster the diffusion rate
  • The slower the diffusion rate
  • The quicker the particles halt

4. What is the relevance of cell membranes to diffusion?

  • Dissolved substances can move in and out of cells by diffusion
  • Cell membranes stop diffusion
  • Diffusion moves out of cells through diffusion

5. Where does diffusion happen?

  • Solids and solutions
  • Solutions and gases
  • Liquids and gases




Good quiz - not much more you need to know about diffusion really

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