Edexcel 3B: Liberalism

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1. Which is a quotation from John Locke on the three natural rights

  • "life, liberty and estate"
  • "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"
  • "life, liberty and property"
  • "life, liberty and equality"
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2. Liberalism product of what?

  • the Enlightenment
  • the Renaissance
  • The Industrial revolution

3. Liberals view human nature as

  • pessimistic
  • rational but self-interested
  • rational and optimistic
  • optimistic

4. John Stuart Mill leans towards which liberalism strand?

  • Modern
  • Classical

5. Classical Liberalism dates back to the

  • 20th Century
  • 17th Century
  • 18th Century
  • 19th Century


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