Empirical Psychology Term Two Keywords

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Animal welfare
endorses the responsible use of animals to satisfy certain human needs
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alpha level
the probability of making a type I error
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Comparative psychology
scientific study of animal behaviour and cross-species comparisons
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Case study
an empirical enquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon in depth and within its real life context
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Clinical psychologist
treatment via manipulation in the therapeutic setting
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Clinical scientist
systematically gather info in order to describe, predict, explain and exert control over the phenomena they study
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a way of classifying mental disorder which incorporates clinical phenomena and tentative hypothesis
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Effect size
a standardised measure of magnitude of an observed effect
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learned not to respond to an unimportant event that occurs repeatedly
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Health promotion
process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health
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hypothesizing after the results are known
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through evaluation animals have a genetic predisposition to learn
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a medical doctors able to prescribe drugs
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P value
the probability that the results occurred by chance alone
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: manipulating data to find the positive results that are more interesting and publishable
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committing to a research protocol prior to beginning data collection and/or analysis
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methods which avoid or replace the use of animals
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methods which minimise the number of animals per experiment
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methods which minimise animal suffering and improve welfare
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Registration reports
peer reviewed detailed protocols, with the journals commitment to publishers completed results
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when symptoms regularly occur together and follow particular course
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Statistical power
the likelihood that a study will detect an effect when there is an effect there to be detected
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Type I error
rejection of a true null hyp
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Type II error
acceptance of a false null hyp
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a website for structuring projects, making data, materials and results available online and easing collaborations and replication efforts
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the probability of making a type I error

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Comparative psychology


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Case study


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Clinical psychologist


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