Enterprise in Business

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1. What is a social enterprise?

  • A business that doesn't employ anyone.
  • A business that keeps all of its money for itself.
  • A business that is set up to help society
  • A business that only employs upper class employees.
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2. What is a tertiary sector of industry?

  • A business that makes products
  • A business that doesn't do any research.
  • A business that provides a service.
  • A business that uses raw materials.

3. What is a potential aim of a small business?

  • To become extremely popular.
  • To expand as soon as possible
  • To make a profit/ breakeven.
  • to employ as many people as possible

4. What is a primary sector of industry?

  • A business that uses raw materials
  • A business who makes products.
  • A business that provides services
  • A business that does first hand research.

5. What is a business plan?

  • A document showing where the work shall take place.
  • A document that sets out what the business intends to acheive.
  • A document showing the earning of each employee
  • A document showing the uncertainties of the business.


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