Experiencia laboral - work experience

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¿Qué experiencia laboral tienes?
What work experience have you had?
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Trabajaba en...
I was working in...
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Hacía fotocopias
I made photocopies
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Trabajaba con niños
I worked with children
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Contestaba al teléfono
I answered the phone
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Ayudaba el jefe
I helped the boss
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Utilizaba el ordenador
I used the computer
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Ayudaba a enfermos
I helped sick people
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Vendía cosas a los clientes
I sold things to customers
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Tenía que dar información a los clientes
I had to give information to the customers
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Era insoportable
It was unbearable
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Me ayudaron mucho
They helped me a lot
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Trabajaba muchas horas
The hours were long
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Aprendí un montón de cosas fascinantes
I learned a lot of exciting things
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Me trataron bien
They treated me well
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Terminaba muy cansado
I was very tired at the end of the day
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Card 2


I was working in...


Trabajaba en...

Card 3


I made photocopies


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Card 4


I worked with children


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I answered the phone


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