Food Tech Nutrients- The relationship between diet and health

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1. click on 5 of good examples of carbohydrates

  • Sugary drinks, soft fruit juices, dried fruits, peanut butter
  • Pastries, dough, pies, cookies, sugary breakfast cereals
  • Rice, Potatoes, Oats, Pasta, Bread
  • pancakes, crisps, chips cooked in oil, cakes, polenta
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2. Free sugars are...

  • Taken out of foods e.g dread fruit
  • sweets and chocolate
  • added to foods and drinks by manufacturers and are found naturally in honey, syrups and fruit juice
  • Sugar on top of or in foods

3. What is a balanced diet

  • A healthy balanced diet is only having small meals of high vegetables and salad
  • A healthy balanced diet is not eating any chocolate or sweets or anything fatty
  • A healthy balanced diet provides the correct combination of food and nutrients for growth and maintaining good health.
  • A healthy balanced diet is eating everything organic and no artificial sweeteners or colours

4. what counts towards your five a day?

  • fruit and nut chocolate
  • canned soups, fruit juices/smoothies, stews
  • fruit winders
  • breakfast bars with a fruit puree or jam

5. Balanced diet is...

  • A diet that provides lots of nutrients and energy
  • A diet that provides lots of food
  • A diet that provides adequate amounts of nutrients and energy
  • A diet that limits food intake


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