gdr ; dev state 61-85 ; gdr / frg relations ; ostpolitik

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when did brandts pursuit of this begin?
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and continued until?
fall of wall '89
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brant believed what failed to have negative aeffect on gdr?
hallstein doctrine
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and what stood more chance of undermining in long run?
closer links esp. trade
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why did USA encourage policy?
mirrored detente
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what had FRG done to GDR for last 20 yrs?
refused to recgnise as a antion
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for brant this improving relationship would also be applied to hwat?
whole ebloc
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when did brandt meet with willi stoph?
march '70 in erfurt
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what was stoph's job?
council of ministers
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what kinds of banners did the crowd hold that really ****** off gdr gov?
banners w/ a 'y' on them for willy > willi
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in human terms was ostpolitik successful?
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agreement was reached allowing west germans to do what?
visit gdr
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how many wgerman GDR visits were there in '71?
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and in '73?
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while no. telephone calls increased how much from '71-'76?
six fold
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GDR benefitted from ending diplomatic isolation as gained what they desperately needed?
financial support for increasingly failing ecnoomy
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if part of brandt's intention was to encourage SED to do what then it was a fail?
adopt more liberal policies
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and insteadcontributed to what from mid-'70s onward?
more erpressive honekcer policies
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one the good side what did ostpolitik bring to the gdr
significant economic / diplomatic advantages
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more diplomatic recognition from where?
western states
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SED laso feared increasing contact would do what to GDR?
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what basis of stat woudl be increasingly challenged?
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and what would be discreditied?
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and disparity of what would be more apparent?
living standards
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therefore SED used policy of abgernzung to do what?
state differences between two increasingly communicative states
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and measures such as what treaty increased GDR / USSR solidarity?
GDR-Soviet Friendship Pact
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in what year?
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what line from the old national anthem had been dripped w/ no new lines so just played but not sung?
something about 'united fatherland'
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amdndmndts made to constitution to counter what?
changing political circumstances w/ growing links
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changes brought in how?
w loads of announcement and ceremony
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but in practice?
hardly noticeable @ all, like even a little bit
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reference to GDR being socialist state of the german nation reworded to?
socialist state of the worers and peasats
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why did this apparent rejection of german nationhood confuse citizens?
been told for 20yrs they were indeed part of germany and GDR would unit ethem all under socialism
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sensing this unease when did abgernzing slow down?
late '70s
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article 6 of the '74 constitution stated that the GDR is?
'forever and irrevocably allied with the USSR'
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argment ostpolitik helped maintain formal division by accepting sutyation and prompting GDR to do what?
highlight and emphasidse differences
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but brandt saw it as long-term strategy to do what?
keeo FRG rival interest to GDR / USSR
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GDR recieved over how much in loans from FRG?
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therefore GDR had to lean on FRG whne?
eco crises of '80s
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ostpolitik helped keep GDR german in nature despite SED attempts to do what?
remove that part of idenityt
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and continued until?


fall of wall '89

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brant believed what failed to have negative aeffect on gdr?


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and what stood more chance of undermining in long run?


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why did USA encourage policy?


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