gdr ; dev state 61-85 ; international prestige ; state visits

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first state visit by wh?
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marked end of?
political isolation
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agreements announced regarding co-operation in which two areas?
economy / tech
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what kidns of relations?
scientific technical / culture . trade
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also agreed what would happen in future?
egyptian delegation visit GDR
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which helped provide wht for GDR?
international recognition
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when did brandt make first visit to GDR?
march '70
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what did this have more than decisionmaking?
symbolic value
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what was willi stoph's position?
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who later that year visited?
kassel FRG
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what were SED not happy about?
tat excitement of Brandt's visit wasn't reciprocated in stoph's visit to west
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when did schmidt visit?
dec '81
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why were crowds different this time?
specially chosen by SED + monitored by srasi
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visit showed that even with cold war tension two germanys still intent on?
ostpolitik > mistrust
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on this occasion honecker invited to/
visit FRG
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postponed until?
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official state visits to what kind of countries that gave GDR and honecker prestige?
countries neither COMECON or socialist
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when did honecker visit his first western state?
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which was?
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and then his first nato country italy in?
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despite wishes honecker never recieved invitations to visit?
uk / usa
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what was the american-manned border pt in GDR?
checkpoint charlie
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but was still what?
just like a wooden building shed thing
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subtle statement of what?
usa didn't see wall permanent and worth permanent checkpoint
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when did kohl become new chancellor?
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he repeated what invitation?
honecker to visit
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what did soviets make clear?
honecker shouldn't go
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increase in state visits reflected growing international GDR recognition after?
basic treaty '72
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contact with other nations helped portray GDR as?
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but also made the citizens more?
positive towards foreign states
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when did honecker visit west germany?
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stasi reported young ppl saw this as?
proof of obsolence of wall
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marked end of?


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agreements announced regarding co-operation in which two areas?


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