gdr ; dev state 61-85 ; national identity ; mass media

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which places were promoted?
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and footage of west would often include comments on?
historical inevitability of downfall of capitalism
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what was the main newspaper?
neues deutschland
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whose paper was this?
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but other papers were published by?
national bloc political parties
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and what kinds of papers also permitted?
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all newspapers given gov instruction on?
what to write
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how often did honekcer meet with the editor of neues deutschland?
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to approve?
front page
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how many news agencies disseminated info on international events to all papers?
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newspapers funded by whose money?
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so no competition fom?
circulation / advertisin
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illegal to do what anywere in gdr?
read / display western paper
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only western papers allowed in country / put on sale were those publishe dby?
western communist parties
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why strict controls on printing machines / photocopiers?
stop distribution of publications subversive to SED
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were these methods successful?
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all newspapers same messafges with adulation of?
SED leaders
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what about FRG promoted?
widespread social problems e.g homeless / unemploy / drugs
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and anniversaries of things like what?
ussr liberation from nazism
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party ctrlled what % GDR publications?
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most of rest magazines and papers produced by?
mass organisation
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only publications not SED crtlled were those from?
church organisation
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who were expected to write strictly on
religious matters / non-controversial
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what was the first GDR radio called?
Radio DDR 1
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and when created?
aug '53
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and Radio DDR 2 followed when?
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which station catered for the capital?
Berliner Rundfunk
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in '64 youth station by which name added?
DT 64
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by '85 how many licensed radios?
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what were broadcast across much of GDR?
western radio stations
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and why was this a problem?
often more popular than GDR
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what did gov attemtp to do?
jam foreign signlas
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but this ws outlawd by?
international agreement
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and risked west foing what in retaliation?
jamming east ferman radio stations
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state made sure citizens had access to info that did what?
glorified socialism
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who controlled tv?
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why was there concerna bout broadcasts?
most of GDR could pick up western tv from west berlin
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how mny channels did DDR-FS have by '69?
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what also began in this year?
colour programming
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care taken to ensure news programmes weren't broadcast when?
same time as FRG ones
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ppl preferred FRG ones
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what was scheduled @ same time as west news?
popular entertainment
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what wa output of GDR stations often like?
v political + not subtle
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who was the regime's leading propagandist?
Karl Eduard Von Schnitzler
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what was his weekly programme?
the black channel
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which bombarded viewers with
extremely hostile views of west
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what did he refer to FRG as?
'land of twolves
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and called adenauer?
''hitler's heir'
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why did many egermans watch it whne they claimed not to?
aghast @ content + delivery
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by mid-'70s what had honekcer realised/
maybe they should b more subtle
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when had von shcnitler been dismissed as political director of GDR television?
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but still mamaged to resurface where?
television discussion host
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despite being?
most hated man in the GDR
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would be unfair to view GDR tv as wha/
nothing but propaganda
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egerman version of which tv show did kids flip a **** over?
the sand man
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just because egermans skeptical of claims in own tv news boradcasts didn't mean what?
believed news transmitted by wgermans
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what was honecers policy of actively differentiating GDR / FRG called?
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saw what as key element of this to which media was instrumental?
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where did east germans do their shopping?
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and where did FRG shop?
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what word wasnt used in east to describe administrators apt from party members?
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GDR prefered to give office workers what title?
'skilled worker for writing technology'
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why capital never referred to as East Berlin?
made clear tht city divided
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why was westberlin run alltogether?
to give impression it was a completely separate city
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tendency to do what to labguage?
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with terms like what commonly used for workers?
kollectiv / brigade
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trend enhanced by use of russian as what in schools?
foreign language
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why would most people by neues deutschland?
give outward appearance of conformity
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what did this significantky undermie?
SED propaganda about current affairs
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as well as making egermans fully aware of what in FRG?
higher living standards / personal freedom
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what was officially illegal but impossible to control/
viewing and listening to wgerman programmes
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when did SED finally admit to fighting losing battle?
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and recognised what?
western stations discouraged but tolerated
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and footage of west would often include comments on?


historical inevitability of downfall of capitalism

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what was the main newspaper?


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whose paper was this?


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