Geography, Environment and Society

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1. Are resources that can be produced naturally but on time scales so long that effectively once a resource has been exploited and utilized it cannot be naturally reproduced...

  • Non-renewable resources
  • Renewable resources
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2. Which type of property right refers to where no one has any rights? (e.g. the atmosphere)

  • Open access resources
  • Common property resources
  • Private property
  • State property

3. Which model see human and environmental systems as separate?

  • Black box model
  • Ecoysystem model

4. Who, out of these two, uses the black box model?

  • Environmental economists
  • Ecological economists

5. Who first proposed the ecosystem model in the 1960s?

  • Price
  • Kates
  • Taylor
  • Stoddart
  • Simmons




WOAH! Great quiz. Should take people a while to do.

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