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1. when an alkane has a side chains you:

  • put them in alphabetical order (2-butane-ethane)
  • add yl to the main stem of the alkane (eg. 2-pentylane)
  • add a side chain prefix ending with yl (eg. 2-methyl-pentane)
  • add yl first (eg. 2yl-pentane)
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2. Chlorine as a prexix is...

  • chlonoro-
  • chlouro-
  • chloro-
  • chlorino-

3. What is a haloalkanes

  • An alkane where one or more hydrogen has been replaced with a halogen
  • a halogen bonded to a carbon atom
  • a hallucinogenic drug conmined with hydrocarbons to make it cheaper
  • a multiple short chain unbranched hydrocarbons bonded together through carbon-carbon bonds

4. Fluorine as a prefix is...

  • fluorno-
  • fluoro-
  • fluorino-
  • fluroro-

5. so what are halogens?

  • Group 7 elements
  • highly reactive transistion metals
  • group 8 or 0 elements
  • elements in the lanthanides group


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