Hamlet: reception

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1. In the early 1900s, what does Freud say about Hamlet?

  • That he is schizophrenic
  • That his madness merely disguises the truth
  • That his madness is real
  • That when he is mad, he is merely dreaming
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2. From what does Hamlet's "deep melancholy" grow from?

  • Disappointment in Gertrude
  • Out of his love for Ophelia
  • Hatred for Claudius
  • Sadness from losing his father

3. In the late 1800s, how did Bradley describe Hamlet?

  • As a heroic figure
  • As a real person with "deep melancholy"
  • As a figment of the oedipus complex
  • As a weak procrastinator

4. Why was Polonius praised by Popple in 1735?

  • He had good morality
  • He has versimilitude
  • He was caught up within the role of the fool
  • He was a good father to his children

5. What were the renaissance era concerned with?

  • Madness, violence and the dramatisation of insanity
  • The decadence of Hamlet
  • Studying the characters as real people
  • The women


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