Henry VII Tudor Rebellions Timeline

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Battle of Bosworth. Richard III defeated, Henry Tudor becomes king
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April 1486
The Rebellion of Lord Lovell and the Stafford brothers
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19th September 1486
Arthur, Prince of Wales is born
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Summer 1486
Simnel Rebellion begins
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New Year 1486
Henry VII becomes aware of Simnel plot
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French send troops into Brittany; Henry agrees to send 6000 troops ; Statute about limitation on retainers
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February 1487
Elizabeth Woodville and Marquess of Dorset put under house arrest; few lesser nobles declared traitors
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24th May 1487
Lambert Simnel crowned King Edward VI in Dublin; John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, Lovell and Schwarz arrive in Ireland
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4th June 1487
Lincoln's army land in Furness, Lancashire
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16th June 1487
Battle of Stoke
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25th November 1487
Henry makes Elizabeth of York Queen
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Nov-Dec 1487
Parliament meets to deal with nobles who fought at Stoke
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1st Enclosure Act; Northern Council is brought back led by Earl of Surrey
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28th April
Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland is assassinated; Yorkshire Taxation Rebellion
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Warbeck arrives in Cork, Ireland and the ‘rebellion’ begins
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Warbeck is welcomed at the French court by Charles VIII; Joined by 100 English Yorkists in Paris
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November 1492
The Treaty of Etaples (Warbeck flees to Flanders)
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Henry breaks of trade with Flanders
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MMaximilian recognises Warbeck as Richard IV; Charles VIII invades Italy
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Parliament passes a large number of attainders including Sir William Stanley
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July 1495
Warbeck arrives in Deal but fails so returns to Ireland; Attempts to capture Waterford for 11 days without success; Goes to Scotland where James marries him to his cousin
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May 1497
Henry begins to collect controversial subsidy in Cornwall; failed Scottish invasion
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13th June 1497
15,000 reach Guilford
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14th June 1497
Skirmish at 'Gill Down'
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17th June 1497
Battle of Blackheath/Deptford Bridge
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28th June 1497
Lord Audley is executed and Flanmark and Joseph hanged
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July 1497
Warbeck returns to Ireland with lack of support; lands in Devon, fails and so fled to sanctuary of Beaulieu Abbey, Hampshire
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August 1497
Gives himself up and makes a full confession
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September 1497
The Treaty of Ayton (first peace treaty since 1328)
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Warbeck runs away, is captured and placed in the Tower
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Warbeck and Earl of Warwick executed for treason; Rebellion of Edmund de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk begins (flees to Calais) but soon returns swearing loyalty
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Death of Arthur
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Suffolk and his brother flee to court of Maximilian
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The Treaty of Ayton is formalised
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Death of Elizabeth of York
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51 attainders including James Tyrell; 2nd Statute about limitations on retainers
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Phillip of Burgundy shipwrecked at Weymoth; Intercursus Malus and Suffolk is returned and imprisoned
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The Rebellion of Lord Lovell and the Stafford brothers


April 1486

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Arthur, Prince of Wales is born


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Simnel Rebellion begins


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Henry VII becomes aware of Simnel plot


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