Henry VIII: Authority, Nation and Religion [Topic Quiz]

A quiz covering the topic of Henry VIII's rule for the edexcel course.

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1. What year did Henry VIII come to the throne in?

  • 1509
  • 1512
  • 1508
  • 1511
  • 1510
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2. Why was a marriage dispensation needed for Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon?

  • Henry VIII was much younger than her.
  • She had previously married Henry VIIIs father, Henry VII.
  • They were distant cousins.
  • She had previously married Henrys brother.
  • She was Spanish and he was English.

3. What was Henry VIII's FATHER, Henry VII's stance on foreign policy?

  • England did not have large resources and so he focused on alliances and marriage treaties.
  • He encouraged conflict because England needed more land.
  • He wanted the glory of winning land and so engaged in many battles.

4. What was Henry VIII's main goal when he gained the throne?

  • Have lots of parties.
  • Re-assert his claim to the throne of France.
  • Ensure his marriage with Catherine of Aragon.
  • Ensure his marriage with Anne Boleyn.
  • Attempt a peace treaty with France.

5. Why was Henry VIII keen to rid himself of his father's ministers?

  • He suspected them of being involved in treasonous plots to kill Catherine.
  • They represented his fathers old ways, which he wanted to move away from.
  • They were too expensive to keep.


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