Historical Revision

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Popular Recreation time period
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Rational Recreation time period
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Characteristics of popular recreation
Natural, Local, Simple, Violent, Occasional, Wagering, Fuedal System
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not able to read or write
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Footmen employed as messengers or as competitive runners
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Mob football characteristics
Local, Violent, Simple, Occasional, Force not skill, Wagering
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Real Tennis
Complex, Facilities, Upper Class, Skillfull, Non-Violent, Travel
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Rags to Riches
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Characteristics of public school
Fee-paying, Spartan, Gentry, Endowed, Expanding, Boarding, Controlled by Trustees, Boys
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Claredon Commision
Established in 1861 to investigate the state of 9 schools in England, due to complaints about the finances, buildings and management of Eton College
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Combination of physical endeavour with mortal integrity
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What delayed athleticism in girls schools?
Tradition, Anxiety of clothing, Status of women in society, Medical concerns, physical inferiority
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How were games spread through British Empire?
Politicians, Army, Teachers, Priests, Community Members, Parents, Industrialists
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Who was Dr Thomas Arnold?
1828-1842 at Rugby School, Born in 1795, ordained clergy man and doctor of divinity
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What is Muscular Christianity?
Combination of godliness and manliness - the belief in having a strong and fit body to match a robust and healthy soul
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Why no lawm tennis for boys in Public Schools?
Freedom for women and health - no facilities
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What are the social factors influencing rational recreation?
Time, Class, Gender, Church
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What is the Wash House Act 1846?
An Act was passed to encourage local authorities to build public baths and washhouses.
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What is the Public Health Act in 1848?
Encouraged local Boards of Health to be set up to appoint a Medical Officer, provide sewers, inspect lodging houses and check food which was sold
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What are National Governing Bodies?
Self-appointed organisations that govern their sports through the common consent of their sport.
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What is professionalism?
Take part for money
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What is the university melting pot?
(so they grew during this stage in schools)/different games were taken to Oxbridge where they mixed and became standardised version of game/s
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What is the public school metling pot?
Mixing of games and traditions from a variety of areas - system of play
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Rational Recreation time period

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Natural, Local, Simple, Violent, Occasional, Wagering, Fuedal System


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not able to read or write


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Footmen employed as messengers or as competitive runners


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