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What is the Juries Act 1974?
Sets out the qualifications for jury service
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Crininal Justice Act 2003?
Amended who could be ecused or who was ineligble of jury service
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What was the Bushells Case?
Quakers weren't convicted of illegal gathering, Judge tried to starve Jury until they changed their mind, imprison until fine was paid, appeal, cannot imprison someone for a verdict.
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What is a majority verdict and when is it found?
If the Jury has not reached a unanimous verdict, the Judge can accept a majority verdict, the ratio of 10:2.
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What is the Contempt of Court Act 1981, Section 8?
Makes it a criminal offence to disclose anything that happened in a jury room.
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How is a Jury selected?
At random by the central summoning bureau (A computer) from the electoral register.
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How many Jurors are chosen?
15, of those, 12 are randomly selected to serve in a particular case.
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What are the 3 jurors called who do not get chosen?
reserve jurors.
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What do the Jurors have to do before they start?
Swear an oath to their religious book or affirm to the law.
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What happens after the Jury has sworn in?
They hear the evidence, then the Judge sums up the case, Jury retires to consider the verdict.
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What happens if the Jury cannot reach a decision in high profile cases?
Sent to a hotel overnight. Resume in the morning. No contact is allowed during this time.
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What happens if the Jury cannot reach a decision after a long time?
Judge can discharge the jury and either order a re-trial with a different jury or aquit the defendant.
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What happens once a verdict has been reached?
The foreman of the Jury reads the verdict to the court, they are discharged. If the defendant is found guilty, the Jury do not stay to hear the sentencing.
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What happens if you cannot attend Jury duty due to drink or drugs?
It is considered a contempt of court and can result in a fine
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What qualifies you to be a member of the Jury?
18-75 years old. Lived in the UK for at least 5 years since the age of 13. Be on the electoral register.
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What permamently disqualifies you from jury service?
Life imprisonment, imprisonment for public protection, detained at her majestys pleasure, imprisonment for more than 5 years.
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What disqualifies you for 10 years?
Served a sentence of imprisonment under 5 years. Had a suspended sentence. Had a community order. Be on bail.
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How can you be discharged from being a Juror?
Severely Mentally Disordered. Lack of Capacity.
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Which is the only profession with the "Right to be excused from Jury serice"
Be in the army on actvie service, commander needs you elsewhere.
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What is a Discretionary Excusal and who is granted it?
Complete dismissal from the service you were suposed to attend. Heavily pregnant women.
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What is Defferal and who is granted it?
Postponed service for some point in the next 12 months. Granted to Uni students sitting their exams.
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Why is the electoral register being a nessecity a problem for ethnic minorities?
Some may not know about the register, so hence don'tget a chance to stand in Jury. May be unfair and not a "trial from peers" if there is a lack of minorities.
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What are two types of vetting?
Routine Police Checks, and Jurors Background
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What is the R V Mason case and wich Vetting does it involve?
Routine Police checks, unauthorised Police Checks were on Jurors in Northamptonshire. Police only doing their jobs. Illegal to be on jury whilst disqualified.
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What is the ABC Trial and which Vetting does it involve?
Jurors Background. Everyones profiles were checked for loyalties to the state due to sensitive information being shared in court. Stopped and retrialed with new jury.
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When is Jurors Background Vetting used?
Only in terrorist cases and cases of national security, as evidence would be given in camera
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Who gives permission for Background Vetting?
Attorney General
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What is Challenging the Array?
CHallenging the whole jury as it has ben chosen in a bias way.
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Crininal Justice Act 2003?


Amended who could be ecused or who was ineligble of jury service

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What was the Bushells Case?


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What is a majority verdict and when is it found?


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