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2. One of the formulations of the categorical imperative is similar to the golden rule in Christina Ethics whihc one is it?

  • kingdom of ends
  • good will and duty
  • ends and means principle
  • ought implies can
  • universilisability

3. "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law" Kant calls this...

  • The formula of the Law of Nature
  • The formulation of what is right
  • The formula of universalisability
  • The means to an ends principle
  • the doughnut principle

4. What is Kant's theory based on?

  • actions
  • law
  • biscuits
  • consequences
  • calculaions

5. What is the problem of lying in accordance with Kant?

  • You are allowed to lie about small things but not big things
  • it allows too much
  • it is too absolute it doesnt allow for saving people
  • he says that you can lie as long as you get ahead with it
  • it's not human


Natalie Bethell


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