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Giant covalent structure
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main sequence star
the main stage is the life of a star during which it radiates energy because of fusion of hydrogen nuclei in its core.
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the quantity of matter in an object; a measure of the difficulty of changing the motion of an object (in kilogram kg)
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mass number
the number of protons plus neutrons in the nucleus of an atom
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mass spectrometer
a machine that can be used to analyse small amounts of a substance to identify it and to find its relative molecular mass
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the arithmatical average of a series of numbers
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the middle value in a list of numbers
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the two-stage process of cell division which reduces the chromosome number of the daughter cells. it is involved in making gametes for sexual reproduction
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mesophyll tissue
the tissue in a green plant where photosynthesis takes place.
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mineral ion
chemical needed in small amounts as part of a balanced diet to keep the body healthly
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the site of aerobic cellular respiration in a cell
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Asexual cell division where two identical cells are formed.
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the number that occurs most often in a set of data
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the number of substance in the relative atomic or formula mass of a substance in grams
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molecular formula
the chemical formula that shows the actual number of atoms in a particular molecule
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molecular ion peak
the peak on the mass spectrum of a substance which tells us the relative molecular mass of the substance. the peak is produced by the heaviest positve ion shown on the mass spectrum
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this equals mass (kg) X Velocity(m/s). the unit of momentum is kilogram metres per second (kg m/s)
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multicellular organism
an organism that is made up of many different cells which work together. some of the cells are specalised for different functions in the organism
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muscle tissue
the tissue that makes up the muscle. it can contract and relax
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main sequence star


the main stage is the life of a star during which it radiates energy because of fusion of hydrogen nuclei in its core.

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mass number


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mass spectrometer


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