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1. ch 12 - "You know, bachem, I have grown rather fond of you." Who says this?

  • Khanum Taheri
  • Amir
  • General Taheri
  • Soraya
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2. ch 19 - Throughout the whole chapter, Farid treats Amir with disdain. True or false?

  • False, Farid feels sympathetic when Amir tells him his Baba died
  • False, as he says, "Maybe I will help you find this boy."
  • True, by the end of the chapter Amir has only discussed being a writer
  • True, he's even more annoyed that Amir makes him look bad by not telling him about Sohrab

3. ch 20 - Farid cares about children. How?

  • He asks them about their lives before their parents died
  • He strangles the orphanage director when he finds out he's selling children
  • He gives them a small gift when Amir is talking to the director
  • He doesn't

4. ch 16 - Hassan asks Rahim many questions about Amir. One of them is what?

  • Did Amir publish any of his stories?
  • Did Amir ever write him a letter?
  • Had Amir married?
  • Did Amir still have his kite from the tournament?

5. ch 11 - Baba uses similes and comparisons in his dialogue. What comparison does he use on page 110?

  • "Living in America is like a bird being set free after years of captivity, it can outstretch its wings, but is unsure how to use them"
  • "It's like putting a boy who can't ride a bike behind the wheel of a brand new Cadillac."
  • "Learning English is like being a child - the teacher will give me a glittery little star if I can spell 'cat.'"
  • "Ronald Reagan is like a God to me, the Shorawi are the Evil Empire!


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