Latin Tacitus Germanicus and Piso

quiz on tacitus gcse texts

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1. simulac visa est navis, complentur non solum portus sed etiam moenia ac tecta turba maerentium et rogantium inter se, silentione an voce aliqua egrentiem exciperent.

  • As soon as the ship was seen, not only the harbour but also the walls and roofs were filled with a crowd of people mourning and asking each other wther they should receive her, as she came out, in silence or with some word
  • When the ship was noticed, everyone went to the port and the walls but not the roofs were filled with mourners wondering whether to shout or to be quiet when the ship arrived.
  • After Agrippina was seen, the harbour was blocked and not only the homes but also the streets were empty because of people running away and wanting to avoid seeing her.
  • When the ship was seen, not only the port but also homes and streets were filled by people crying and wondering what to do with themselves, whether to weep for Agrippina or to be angry at Piso.
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2. The phrase 'hibernis maris', means...

  • decorated ship
  • wintry sea
  • rocky voyage
  • pleasant sea
  • summery ship

3. incerta ultionis means...

  • uncertain of return
  • hateful of the murderer
  • uncertain of revenge
  • uncertain whether to avenge
  • doubtful of success

4. asyndeton is used

  • to make everything seem slower
  • to make a list seem shorter
  • to make a list seem longer
  • to repeat one thing many times

5. a tricolon has ... many points

  • 3
  • 2
  • 4
  • 5







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