Latin Verb Conjugations

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I carry
Ego porto
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You carry
Tu portas
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The slave carries
Servus portat
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The slaves carry
Servi portant
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The slave was carrying
Servus portabat
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The slaves were carrying
Servi portabant
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The slave carried
Servus portavit
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The slaves carried
Servus portaverunt
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I sit
Ego sedeo
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You sit
Tu sedes
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The merchant sits
Mercator sedet
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The merchants sit
Mercatores sedent
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The merchant was sitting
Mercator sedebat
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The merchants were sitting
Mercatores sedebant
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I run
Ego curro
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You run
Tu curris
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The woman runs
Femina currit
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The women run
Feminae currunt
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The woman was running
Femina currebat
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The women were running
Feminae currebant
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Card 2


Tu portas


You carry

Card 3


Servus portat


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Card 4


Servi portant


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Card 5


Servus portabat


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