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2. Why Is Delegated Legislation Needed?

  • parliament does not have time to contemplate and debate every small detail of complex regulations, as it only has a limited amount of time to pass legislation
  • Because Parliament Have Less Work

3. The Control of Delegated Legislation?

  • The Enabling (or parent) Act
  • All Acts Under Children

4. Whats A Criticism of Delegated Legislation

  • Lack Of Democracy
  • Theres A Lot Of Publicity

5. Advantages Of Delegated Legislation?

  • Saves Parliamentary Time.
  • It Makes Bin Men Look Good


Chay Burt


If you're going to include stupid answers have a few answers that make people think, nice questions though.

Annabelle Jacobs-Teekens


Nice questions, but the answers are all a bit obvious.

Anjeza Popaj


whats the point in having stupid answers? it makes the quiz easy and isnt challenging?

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