Left realism and Crime

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What explanation do left realists provide for crime, what does this mean?
They provide a causal explanation. They look at the individual and the causes which could have lead them to commit crime.
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What did Jock Young argue that criminals are?
The victims of capitalism
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What is the central idea behind left realism ?
crime is a real problem, that particularly affects the disadvantaged groups.
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How do left realists criticise traditional marxism for not taking crime seriously?
They concentrate on crimes of the powerful, left realists see this as important but argue it neglects working class crime
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How do left realists criticise Neo-Marxists for not taking crime seriously?
They argue neo-marxists romanticise w/c criminals as latter day Robin Hoods. LR point out that w/c criminals mostly victimise w/c people, not the rich
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How do left realists criticise Labelling Theorists for not taking crime seriously?
Labelling theorists see w/c criminals as the victims of discriminatory labelling by social control agents. LR argue this neglects the real victims-w/c people who suffer at the hands of criminals
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What is an aetiological crisis?
a crisis in explanation
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What has lead to the aetiological crisis?
Increase in crime rates since the 1950's
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What 3 causes do LR give for crime?
1)Relative Deprivation 2)Subcultures 3) Marginalisation
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What does relative deprivation mean?
It refers to some individuals being relatively deprived in comparison to others and this leads to a sense of injustice and resentment
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What did LEA and YOUNG (1992) find out about relative deprivation?
Ethnic minorities feel resentment due to relative deprivation
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Why do people turn to crime as a result of deprivation?
The media and advertising raise expectations of for material possessions, those who cannot afford them may turn to crime instead
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What does Subcultures refer to?
groups of young people, often ethnic minority groups, who form sub-cultural groups in inner city areas
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What is a subculture to LR?
a groups collective solution to the problem of relative deprivation
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How can subcultures differ?
different groups produce different solutions to the problem. e.g. some may turn to crime to close the deprivation gap, while others turn to religion as it gives spiritual comfort
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What is meant by marginalisation?
Refers to the individuals who live on the margins of society and therefore cannot take part in society
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What do marginalised groups lack?
clear goals and organisations to represent their interests. Workers have clear goals (better pay and conditions) and organisations(trade unions) to put pressure on employers and politicians. as such, they have no need to resort to violence to achieve
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What group are often seen to be marginalised?
Unemployed youth. They have no organisation to represent them and no clear goals. Just a sense of resentment and frustration, They express their feelings through violence and rioting
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How do LR argue we should tackle crime?/
We must both improve policing and control, and deal with the deeper structural causes of crime
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what 5 solutions do LR give to crime?
1)Community policing 2)Community service 3)Community centres 4)CCTV 5)Ethnic minority police officers
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For YOUNG what is the lethal combination that will lead to crime?
Relative deprivation and individualism.
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What do LR argue the police should do?
improve their relationship with the community by spending more time investigating crime, changing their priorities and involving the public in making policing policy
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What sort of approach do left realists argue is needed to tackle crime?
A multi-agency approach. Involving local councils, social services, housing departments, schools, victim support etc.
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What does Young argue needs to be tackled in society to reduce crime rates?
Deal with inequality of oppertunity and the unfairness of rewards, tackle discrimination, provide decent jobs for everyone and improve housing/community services. We must also become tolerant of diversity
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Has LR had an impact on government policy?
Yes it impacted new labour policy and its ideas can be found in, ASBOS and the New Deal for unemployed youth and their anti-truanting policies
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How do interactionists criticise LR?
they argue that because they rely on quantitative data from victim surveys, they cannot explain the offenders' motives.
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What did Jock Young argue that criminals are?


The victims of capitalism

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What is the central idea behind left realism ?


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How do left realists criticise traditional marxism for not taking crime seriously?


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How do left realists criticise Neo-Marxists for not taking crime seriously?


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