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1. What did he believe happened if the period passed and a child had not yet acquired language?

  • A child acquired language faster than normal
  • A child could still acquire language
  • Normal language is no longer possible.
  • A child acquired language slower than usual
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2. Which other theory does this link to?

  • Bruner
  • Chomsky's Nativist theory
  • Skinner's Behavouirist theory

3. What did he suggest?

  • There is no age critical to language acquisition
  • The period up to the age of five is critical to language acquisition as the human brain is designed to acquire language during this period.
  • The period after age five is critical to language acquisition
  • You can acquire language effectively at any age

4. When did Lenneberg create the hypothesis?

  • 1984
  • 1962
  • 1967
  • 1971

5. What research supported his theory?

  • Feral children, Genie (aged 13) and Victor (aged 12)
  • Politeness in children's language
  • Children's development of regional accents
  • Children's sentence structures


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