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2. Which two types of memory were being tested?

  • Memory during input, processing, and recall
  • Memory during processing and recall
  • Memory during input and processing
  • Memory during input and recall

3. What was the IV?

  • The verb used in the critical question about speed of collision
  • How many filler questions there were
  • The presence of a question about smashed glass
  • The presence of a question about the speed of collision

4. Which of the following wasn't used in the critical question?

  • Knocked
  • Bumped
  • Hit
  • Contacted
  • Smashed
  • Collided

5. Which words had the greatest and lowest estimates?

  • Smashed and Hit
  • Smashed and Contacted
  • Collided and Bumped
  • Collided and Hit


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