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Aim, methods, participants etc for the 15 core studies!

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Aim for Milgrim's study?
To investigate obedience to legitimate authority figures
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Method for Milgrim's study?
Lab experiment/Controlled observation
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Participants for Milgrim?
40 American men aged between 20 and 50, volunteer sample from a range of backgro
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Aim for Piliavin?
To investigate the effect of variables on helping behavior in a real life situation
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Method for Piliavin?
Field experiment
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IV's for Piliavin?
Victim drunk or ill, victim black or white, model interacts after 70 sec, 150 sec or not at all, group size
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DV's for Piliavin?
Time taken for anyone to intervene, number of people in a carriage, race/gender of helper
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Participants for Piliavin?
4500 approx, all unaware they took part in an experiment
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Aim for Reicher + Haslam?
To investigate the way people respond to a system of inequality in a prison situation
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Method for Reicher + Haslam?
Experimental case study/controlled observation/lab experiment
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Participants for Reicher + Haslam?
332 applied, 27 screened, final 15 chosen
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Aim for Freud?
To give Freud an opportunity to test his theory about infantile sexuality and the Oedipus conflict on a real child and to test his explanation about how phobias begin
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Method for Freud?
Case Study
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Particpants for Freud?
'Little Hans', An Austrian boy aged 3-5 over the course of the study, to an extent his family as well.
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Aim for Bandura?
To see if learning that takes place in one situation can be generalised to other situations
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Method for Bandura?
Matched pairs lab experiment
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Participants for Bandura?
72 children from Stanford University Nursery, aged between 3-5, 36 boys, 36 girls
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Aim for Samuel + Bryant?
To investigate whether the children under the age of 8 are able to understand the principle of invarience of quality
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Method for Samuel + Bryant?
Independent Measures Lab Experiment
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Participants for Samuel + Bryant?
252 boys and girls between 5 and 8 1/2, all from Crediton in Devon
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Aim for Loftus + Palmer?
To investigate if leading questions can distort memory in a laboratory experiment
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Method for Loftus + Palmer?
Lab experiment with indenpdent measures
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Participants for Study One in Loftus + Palmer?
45 American Students
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Participants for Study Two in Loftus + Palmer?
150 American Students
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IV and DV for Study One in Loftus + Palmer?
IV- verb change DV- estimate of how fast cars were going
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IV and DV for Study Two in Loftus + Palmer?
IV- Verb change DV- if broken glass was seen
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Aim for Baron-Cohen?
To investigate if adults with autism can pass a mindreading/ToM test designed for adults
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Method for Baron-Cohen?
Quasi Experiment
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IV and DV for Baron-Cohen?
IV- group participant belonged to DV- performance on Eyes Task
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Participants for Baron-Cohen?
Group 1- 13 males, 3 females, all adults with high-functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome, recruited Group 2- 25 males, 25 females, age-matched neurotypical adults, volunteers Group 3- 8 males, 2 females with Tourette's Syndrome, volunteers
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Aim for Savage-Rumbaugh?
To study human language capabilities in pygmy chimps including spontaneous symbol acquisition
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Method for Savage-Rumbaugh?
Longitudinal Case Study
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Participants for Savage-Rumbaugh?
Kanzi, four year old pygmy chimp, studied from 30 - 48 months Mulika, Kanzi's sister, studied from 11-21 months Austin and Sherman, ordinary chimps, 9 and 10yrs old
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Aim for Dement + Kleitman?
To look at the relationship between REM sleep and dreaming
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Method for Dement + Kletiman?
Lab experiment
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Participants for Dement + Kleitman?
7 males, 2 females, 5 of which were studied intensively
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Aim for Sperry?
To investigate the psychological effects of hemisphere deconnection in split-brain patients and the laterilisation of function
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Method for Sperry?
Quasi experiment/case study
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Participants for Sperry?
11 'split-brain' patients, who had already undergone the operation
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Aim for Maguire?
To demonstrate that the hippocampus is the region of the brain associated with spatial memory and navigation
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Method for Maguire?
Quasi experiment using correlation
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Participants for Maguire?
16 London cab-drivers, all male, all right-handed, all taxi drivers for 1.5 yrs +, mean age 44. Control group was 50 right handed males of similar ages, MRI scans were previously in the database
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Overall aim for Rosenhan?
To see whether hospital staff could tell the sane from the insane
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Aim for Study One of Rosenhan?
To see if sane individiauls who presented themselves to a psychiatric ward would be diagnosed as insane
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Method for Study One of Rosenhan?
Covert participant observation
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Participants for Study One of Rosenhan?
Hospital staff and patients in 12 different psychiatric wards across 5 american states
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Aim for Study Two of Rosenhan?
To see if the tendancy towards diagnosing the sane as insane (study 1) could be reversed
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Method for Study Two of Rosenhan?
Self report
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Participants for Study Two of Rosenhan?
Staff in one psychiatric hospital
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Aim for Study Three of Rosenhan?
To investigate patient-staff contact
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Participants for Study Three of Rosenhan?
Doctors, nurses and staff of hospital
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Aim for Thigpen + Cleckley?
To document the psychotheraputic treatment of a 25yr old woman, who presented with a history of severe headaches and blackouts
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Method for Thigpen + Cleckley?
Longitudinal Case Study
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Participants for Thigpen + Cleckley?
'Eve', a 25 yr old woman along with 'Eve Black' and 'Jane'
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Aim for Griffths?
To compare the behaviour and thought patterns of regular and non-regular fruit machine gamblers
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Method for Griffths?
Quasi Field experiment
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Participants for Griffths?
29 males, 1 females in the RG group, 15 males, 15 females in the NRG group
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