PE - Chapter 6

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What are the 4 levels of the performance pyramid?
Foundation, Participation, Competition and elite
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Describe foundation
Grass roots level; introducing young children to sport and encouraging their learning of skills and rules
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Describe Participation
Sport undertaken primarily for fun and enjoyment
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Describe competition
Performance level; club or county level
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Describe Elite
Applies to performers at the highest level - national and international
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What is the Youth Sports Trust?
Responsible for all sport involving young people in and out of school.
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What does the Youth Sports Trust do?
Plays a central role in supporting the DCSF and DCMS in the delivery of a range of national strategies promoting PE and school sport.
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Name some initiatives the YST follows?
TOP programmes - provides pathway for 18month olds-18yr olds, PESSCL, Step into Sport
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UK Sport?
responsible for the management of elite sport in the UK
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Aims of UK Sport?
1) aimed to support and help deliver success at the Olympic and Para games + 2) World class performance program-funds performance and subsistence costs of UK athletes
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Sport England?
Government agency responsible for advising, investing in and promoting community sport.
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Sport Englands aim?
To get 2 million people more active in sport
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What does Sport England do?
Distributes money from lottery sports fund; get young people still involved after leaving school; developed programs like developing volunteering and leadership opportunities
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What are the two pathways?
School - Regional team - Elite club and Local junior club - Senior club - Elite club
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What does the School sports system traditionally include?
a mix of friendly+competition based fixtures; sports days+swimming galas; inter-form and inter-house comps
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Why has there recently been more emphasis on club structure?
Because of UK sport funding done through governing bodies+clubs
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What do unis offer in terms of sport?
Sports facilities;
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Grass roots level; introducing young children to sport and encouraging their learning of skills and rules

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Describe Participation


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Describe competition


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Describe Elite


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