Pre-Raphaelite Quotes

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Christina, Dante and God (Mural)
"She exemplifies her love in God, whereas he represents God in a woman. A physical appearance of divinity."
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PRB (Mariotti)
"The morality which obsessed the early Pre-Raphaelites, especially Hunt, became secondary to a quest for beauty as the movement progressed."
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Tennyson (Lourie and Mariotti)
"Between 1830 and 1833 Tennyson had esstentially invented Pre-Raphaelitism" "The Lady of Shalott embodies the woman who abandons her social responsibility in her pursuit of love" "Mariana ... reterate these feelings of loneliness and a lack of sexual
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Christina Rossetti (Armstrong)
"One meets a simultaneous sharing and not sharing in Christina Rossetti's poetry constantly"
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"Like a lily in a flood" "She saw the water-lily bloom" "Queen lily and rose in one" "Ah! Lazy lily hand more bless'd" "The lilies sickened unto death" "lily feet are soiled.." "ruinious lilies in thy languid hair"
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"Shine out, little head, sunning over with curls / To the flowers, and be their sun" "Ah God that sleep with flower-sweet finger-tips"
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The Past
"Days, weeks, months, years" "Those pleasant days long gone/Of not-returning time" "When I was dead" "'Tomorrow and today' they cried;/I was of yesterday"
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The Past/time and Roe
"Pre-Raphaelitism found itself paradoxically poised between nostalgia for the past and excitement about the future"
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"At last the evil people/Worn out by her resistence/Flung back her penny, kicked their fruit" "When I was dead" "Put down the passions that make Hell!" "As the Churches have kill'd their Christ" "I embrace the purpose of God, and the doom assign'd"
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Religion 2
"All lips that now grow sad with kissing Christ/stained with blood fallen from the feet of God" "I cannot love you if I love not Him" "Arise my God, and strike, for we hold Thee just"
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A. Harrison
"it's preoccupation with suffering and with visionary idealities as a relief from suffering allow readers to perceive her poetry as simultaneously Pre-Raphaelite and Tractarian."
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"Golden head by golden head" "Buy from us with a golden curl" "lustre of her perfumed hair" "she trapped him with one mesh of silken hair" "For all your wealth of loosened hair" "I lay among your golden hair" "hair enwound" "hair that stings"
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"sucked their fruit globes fair or red" "of juice that syrupped all her face" "squeezed their fruits/against her mouth to make her eat" "Let fruit be crushed on fruit, let flower on flower" "had thy body as fruit to eat" "would crush the fruit of dea
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"Ah fool to choose such part/of soul-consuming care!" "For no friend is like a sister" "Lazy laughing languid Jenny" "All homage to his own darling/Queen Maud in all her splendour" "Tis the fairy" "She has a lovely face" "have come down to us replend
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"Christina Rossetti examines how gender and sexual interest influence the way people mourn: in particular, she considers the value of mourning in relationships in which the fleeting nature of love is acknowledged."
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"The morality which obsessed the early Pre-Raphaelites, especially Hunt, became secondary to a quest for beauty as the movement progressed."

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Tennyson (Lourie and Mariotti)


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